Ed's Muffler Shop   1962           Joel N.
Nye Frank's Pulsator  1964     Michael S.   
George Marks      1664                  Joel N.
   1960          Paul H.
Jack's Auto Parts  1961                Joel N.
Glen Stokey          1961               Joel N.
Blue Angels          1961                Joel N.
Ross Van Etten
1960     Pete G.
Warren - Coburn  1959                Doug P.
  1960         Kent F.
Wheat-McFarland 1960               Chris S.
Bill Tibboles         1959                Joel N.
1961        Joel N.
Bill Collier          1958-9              Larry A.
George Vinas        1961            Byron S.
Laff Clown           1960               Byron S.
Bayer-Frietas       1961              Dennis F.
Mickey Thompson 1961-62          Joel N.
    Carl Jacob
1962           Joel N.
Chrisman-Cannon  1960's             Joel N.
      Jim Kaylor
1961            Joel N.
Ron Pellegrini       1962           Dennis F.
Champion Speed Shop  1962  Dennis F.
Ed Fitzwilliams          1960                     Dennis F.
Iron Mistress        1961                 Gonzo
Frye Bros.             1962               Joel N.
Hot Rod Shop        1962            Dennis F.
      Al Kunkle
1960's      Jerry G.
Mickey Thompson had at least three In-Line Twins - none of them Pontiac powered.
Steffey - Marsh    1959    Joel N.    Ron P.
Ambassadors Car Club      1962   Walt B.
Bud Klinger          1957            Dennis F.
The "Tiller" Miller -  More HISTORY
Links  I  Twins List  I  Contributors  I  History  I  Tributes:  Freight Train  I  Tommy Ivo  I  Lefty - Chet - Zane
Ralph Callojo  "TOO MUCH"   1961       Dennis F. 
Lefty Mudersbach
1959        Dennis F.
1964           Ron P.
Orner Automotive 1964                 Ron P.
Odd Couple         1965               Gonzo
Dawley Twin       1963            A.Shuman
Sweet Sixteen    1962              Dennis F.
  Chet Herbert                              Zane Shubert
                                              1962            Doug P.
All Twins weren't dragsters.
  Smythe - Prieto  
  1962        Don P.        
Bob Stratman           1963                  Chase K.
The Joe Gerdelmann Twin now owned by Jeff Lear.
1950's to 1965
Unidentified  ......
Need Photos ......
Ron Pellegrini    Oswego, Illinois  1962-3                       Glen Brown Photos   
1950's to 1965
Joe Dyga                 1960                Gerard G.
     Harry Hovis
1960            Jeff K.
Chuck Tanko       1961                Joel G.
         A&B Speed Shop                               This photo taken on the                                                                          day of its first outing.
    1959           Mike A.
         Rick Clark
1960's         Bobby R.
A&B Speed Shop  1965                Ade K.
  Joe Gerdelmann  1960                Ron S.
Quincy Automotive                         Freight Train
1959            Joel N.                    1965            Joel N.
Abbott-Goldstien 1961                   Rod M.
Freight Train  Tribute Page
More photos always welcome.
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Jim Hoskinson            1961                   Dennis F.
Pulsator II           1964             George K.
   Davis and Malone
1950's              Rod M.
This is the Twin in our TwoToGo logo. They also had a Side by Side engined Twin.
Cannon Ball Express
Denny Forsberg recently contributed 3 new Twins, all from 1955, so some Twins had to be moved around a little which we are always happy to do when we get new Twins. Will try to get some better scans of this Twin - until then  Page One  Page Two
After it had been sold to Dean Dillingham.
Newest Photos ......
Blue Angels 1st Twin
Our 200th Twin ......
Claim Jumper     1963                  Walt B.
Fred Dannenfelzer     Joel N.      Doug P.
Twin Engine Drag Car History
Dennis Friend       Joel F. Naprstek        Byron Stack
In-Line Twins
Bennie Osborn        1964         Marvin S.
When the Nostalgia craze hit in the early 90's, the Champion Speed Shop guys built this replica of the 1962 Twin. Pre - cacklefest days were filled with exhibition runs. Unfortunatley this twin was lost on one of those.
Champion Speed Shop           Geri Tarvin Photos
Built by Tommy Ivo - only ran a few times and then sent to Ron Pellegrini to
race in the Mid-West. Also raced by Wayne Bailey and the Jelnik Brothers.
Blue Angels          1962               Andy P.
This is the second version after the chassis and body were lenghtened.
Header Photo Archives
We hope you find a picture or Two worth a 1,000 memories.
Thanks to Dave Dewars, Ron Johnson, and Bob Meyer, we have this picture and some information about this twin. As the name implies, this car featured tillar type steering by using the front end from a Cushman Eagle motor scooter. Debuted with Olds power before switching to Pontiac's. Bob Meyer recalled: The thing ran 124 mph one day, but hurt the back motor. The back half was a "bolt on", so they took it off and ran 143 mph.
In-Line Twins
  Warren - Coburn
One Injected - SBC
  One Blown - SBC
         Dennis F.
Tommy Springfield
  Carburated - SBC
            Joel N.
     Lewis Carden
    Injected -  SBC
         Marvin S.
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The "Tiller" Miller
Unusual Twins
Unusual Twins
In-Line Twins
1950's to 1965
Unusual Twins
Marshall and Dawley
  1961            Joel N.
  Duke's Auto Club     1959           Rod M.
     Bill Edwards
1965         Dennis F.
For a short time not Odd.
   Wayne Gump
1963         Dennis F.
        Paul Myers
  1960            Joel N.
     Joe Amman
1965         Dennis F.
Warren and Coburn     Video     Bakersfield   1960                    
Abbott and Goldstien                   
Gary Cagle         1960's             Dennis F.
Bob Taylor         1960's           Dennis F.
Filmed by Junji Nakamura
Dugan and Turnow
1961            Pete G.
One of the original First Ten Twins
until it was discovered the year
was not 1956.
Jones and Puyer
1964     Dennis G.