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      Lefty - Chet - Zane
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Lefty Mudersbach, Chet Herbert, and Zane Shubert represent so
many Twins categories we're giving them their own page. We're
sure if the timing would have been right, you would have found     them on the First Ten Twins page. Working seperately or as a         team, they tried just about everything: dual rear slicks, dual rear
ends, a rear engined Twin sidewinder, even a Tripple engined     
dragster. Took 3 years to find these pictures of it, Thank You!          Doug Peterson.This photo tribute will document their outside of      the box thinking and creativeness.
         Chet Herbert
   1928                 2009
              Tribute to
      Lefty - Chet - Zane
Zane Shubert Twin rear engine sidewinder.
Riverside, California
Doug Peterson Photo
The Tripple
              Tribute to
      Lefty - Chet - Zane
Lefty Mudersbach Video
Filmed by Junji Nakamura 1960