You might be thinking all the Flathead Twins were covered on page one, in fact, the photos of the Lewis Racing Fiat twin were taken in 2000, Flathead Jacks twin last year. "Mr. FLATHEAD" John Bradley didn't build his twin until the 1960's, and to this day he dreams of building another one!
                         Lewis Racing
  Year  2000              Contributor: George A.
                        Wes Wicks
Year  1996                    Contributor: Wes J.
                       Flathead Jack                         Year 2002                    Contributor: Tony L.
"Mr.Flathead" John Bradley
1960's                         Jim S.
In 1963, Norb Locke made the long trip from Illinois to Bakersfield, as luck would have it Norb hurt the supercharger on the front engine the very first run. They spent the night doing what they could to run, but
Norb said it just didn't have enough to be competitive. The picture on the left might be the only one of what they came up with.
                     Norb Locke
Year 1963                  Cotributor: Jim A.

                     Stan Lomelino                        Year 1960                     Contributor: Bob S.             
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                Dave Maset
Year  1963    Contributor: Norb L.

              Jack Williams
From Canada                   Norb L.
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                       Howard Tribbey
2002                         Contributor: Howard T.
                        Stan Shoppel
2009                             Contributor: Paul H.              
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