This is our tribute page to "TV" Tommy Ivos' twin. Undoutably
the most traveled of all the twins, first with Ivo himself, then with
Ron Pellegrini, and finally with Billy Herndon.The tracks this twin
didn't run on would be a pretty short list. One of the first touring
professionals, Ivo made sure this twin ran as good as it looked.
Was not only the first gas dragster to make a run with an ET in
the 8's, was also the first gas dragster to run over 180 MPH.The Ivo twin has been in the Don Garlits Museum for several years.
It recently returned to California for a complete restoration and
a temporary display in the NHRA Museum, it's now back in FL.
For early construction photos from Tommy Ivos' scrapbook, go
to the Members page on the Standard1320 website and click on
Tommy Ivos' name. You will also find a complete history of all the cars Ivo raced.

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"TV" Tommy Ivo
"TV" Tommy Ivo
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Tommy Ivo Tribute