Now joined by three more  4cyl twins.
This is the restored "Sissell" twin, now running and winning at Nostolgia events.
For the AMC fans, Allred-Clarke
           Kay Sissell
  Year  1970      Contributor:  Bill R.
            Allred - Clarke
Year  1971           Contributors: Pete G.
                                            Michael S.    
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           Ringer - Souders
          Frankland Welding            Year  ?                       Contributor: Ashley D. 
From the people that brought us
the Frankland Quick Change rear end.
The 4 and 6 Cylinder Twin guys seem to have a passion for the unusual. We have the Mancillias Bros. turbo charged Model B Ford motors, while Jack Harrison  from the UK chose supercharged Austin Healeys  for power. And now this Charlie Danner creation running two Corvair engines with a single supercharger. The Tony Becker Twin used two supercharged Harleys.

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News-New Photos
Gary Light
Year  Current       Contributor   David J.
Chevy II motors with VW fuel
Mancillias Brothers
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History                     Contribotor: Bill D.
4-6 Cylinder Twins
Twin Engined Drag Car History
Two new Twins, both unidentified.
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4-6 Cylinder Twins
4-6 Cylinder Twins
          Cobb and Poe
        Charlie Danner
Year  1970     Contributor: Mike A.
             Jack Harrison

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The former Ringers - Souders
Twin chassis is now owned by Sam Scott and driven by his son.
Sam bought the car 6 years ago
with a SBC for power, once he
learned of the cars past, it was then decided in 2011 to add the second motor. The chassis has also been updated to current
NHRA safety specs.

Dennis Friend Joel F. Naprstek  Byron Stack
Year 1970             Contributor: Phill E.
Year  1970              Contributor: Alan C.
4-6 Cylinder Twins
           Tony Becker
                 Geiger and Williams
1970                             Contributor: Ron P.
D/D National Record Holders
Geiger and Williams
1960's                      Contributor: Bill C.
1960's          Contributor: Al B.