This list serves two purposes : First, it lets us tell you something about the other twins that have been found. Second, it identifies the twins for which we need photos .
Dave Grassi - IL-Bln-Chrys-1971-Bill R.
Robert's Automotive - IL-Bln-Chrys-Mark C.
Abreviations :
Engine Set Up : IL= inline  SS = sde by side
Name - Set Up -  Asp.- Engine - Year- Contributor
Aspiration :
Inj = injected  Bln = blown = Crb =carburated
Twin Engine Drag Car History
Warren-Coburn-IL-1-Inj-1-Bln-SBC-Dennis F.
Blind-Crippled and Crazy-IL-SBC-Micheal S.
Jack Jones - IL-Bln-Chrys-1971-Bill R.
 First Ten Twins  I  4-6 cyl. Twins  I  Side by Side Twins  I  In-Line Twins (50's to 1965)  I  In-Line Twins (1966 to Date)  I  Flathead Twins  I  Other Twins
Lewis Carden - IL-Inj-SBC-1960's-Marvin S.
Steven's Family - IL-Chrys-1970-Dave S.
Tommy Springfield - IL-Crb-SBC-1961-Joel N.
Richie Anderson - IL -Inj-SBC -Bob S.
Koehler - Burk - Rear Engined - BBC
Tony Luciano  Bln-Chrys-1970's-Tony
Lou Patane - IL-Dodge Wedges-(rear eng)-Jeery G.
Tom Studinski - IL-409Chevy's-1968-47 Ford Cpe