The Freight Trains popularity came shining through when we ended up with twice as many photos of it versus our other twins. We had them in a seperate album, now it rightfully has its own page. John Peters and Nye Franks first twin was known as the Quincy Automotive Twin. John Peters says the Freight Train name came about one evening after the team showed up with larger than usual 17" front wheels on the car. Whoever was running the staging lanes said the car looked like a train.The Freight Train was at home in the winners circle. Victories include: 1963 Winternationals - 1967 Winternationals - 1969Springnationals. Although the Train relied on SBC's for several years, towards the end of the twins hay-days, the team did try a pair of Chrysler Hemis. The Trains new home is the NHRA Museum, beautifully restored withSBC's back between the frame rails. Not just a static display car, the Train participates in the CHRR "Cacklefests". More photos always welcome.
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The Freight Train
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The Freight Train
These larger photos are now large Thumbnails - click on to see a larger picture - but not always the best quality - have to remember most of  these photos are 45-50 years old.
2004 Bill Butler
2004 Bill Butler
Sam Davis Photo
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Former Train Engineers: Left to Right  Bob Muravez - Bob Noice ( owner John Peters ) Sam Davis - Walt Rhoades
John Ewald Photo