All twins weren't dragsters.
Dean Dillingham              Contributor:
Year  1972                              Bob P.
  Graham - Groom     1971     Michael S.
Carroll Bros.                                           1971                                                 T. Jacobsca
     Art Marshall                          1971   M. Schwartz              
       Bob Stratman             1972     Jim H.              
   Jeff During
1980's       Tony
Leo Dunn         1970                Bill R.
Arnold and Talbott   1969          David R.    
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Paris Bros.                                         1970                                                  Dom P.
    Jack Harris
1970         Pete G.
Brennan-Franke         1966                        Joel N.
Jim Bucher      1971                   Bill R.
Cope Bros.       1970             Phil E.
Paris Bros 
Bill R.
  Harold Gunderson   1972              Phil E.
   Lowery Kiihnl
1971        Chase K.
   Chet Herbert        1984            Phil E.
Richie - Gill Shott
1969       Peter K.

Hendrickson - Pendell                   Dave H.
Meador-Huber                                                 1969                                                              Dave H.
      Bob Witzel            
1990's A.B. Shuman
Noel Black                                                1960's                                                   Bill R. Joel N.
     Terry Davis         1970      Brendon M.
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       Jim Bowen
  1973            Jack B.
   Steven's Family
1- Blown  Chrysler
1-Turbo Charged          1970          Dave S.
        Dave Grassi
1971                  Bill R.
    Tony Luciano.
Blown - Chryslers
Robert's Automotive
  Blown - Chryslers
            Mark C.
   Tom Studinski
409 Chevy's - 1947
       Ford Coupe
Frakes - Funk, This Twin also being restored.
Oops !! Results of a
blown rear tire.
Motes - Williams Restored, Video click here      
Now restored and participates
in Cacklefests and Nostolgia races.
Now restored - click HERE
Chase Knight          1968                   Jim H.
       Roger Gates
1969              Craig M.
Norm Reis                                           1970's                                                 Mark P.   
Here's a neat creation sent to us by Glen Brown. You will find more of his handy work at the bottom of our "Greek" Tribute page and on our new
Photoshop Twins page.
  Bright Family      1971        Manny M.  
Frank Smith Twin Chassis ......
A few years ago, George Soto bought this dragster. At that time he didn't think too much about it's history. Curiosity finally got the best of him and he started doing some research. The search led him to chassis builder Ed Mabry. Ed confirmed this to be the chassis he built for the Frank Smith Twin, also the last FED chassis he built. If anyone has more info or photos, contact us and we will pass it along to George.
Jim Busby                   1971                            Bill R.
Parisey - Hansen                                            1970                                                               Jerry N.
  Ray Athens        1972             Paul C.
Late Train         1960's
Joel N.
Mark Vincent                                  Another U.K. Twin
Mark Stratton       1968            Allan C.
Down Under Twin
Dennis Lanham     1971         Byron S.
Motes and Williams        1971                               Bill R.
Norm Wheeldon                                  2005                                                 Norm W.
Gordon Collett                                              1971                                                              Bill R.
New Twin ......
Classic Photo ......
A great photo from the Williams - Huber Collection.Two Twins leaving the starting line at Indy in the Twins heyday.
Looking For Info ......
This at one time ( apparent ) Twin was bought on E Bay with no history or background available.
Present owner Don Moyer would
like to know more about it.
Contact Us and we will get the info to Don. Haven't been able to match it to any Twins on this page.
       Leo Dunn    
1969           Byron S.
        Schultz  and Jones              1971              Jim H.
George Fina        1969                  Jim H.
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1969 NHRA World Champion in Competition Eliminator.
  Dietzel and Sage     1990's     Michael S.
Brown -  Hummel
1971                                     Bill R.
                JR Brogdons' Phony Pony
      1968                          Contributor: Joel N.
The Four Bob Stratman Twins
courtesy of Chase Knight.

1963 - 1972                  Chase K.
                                       Jim H.
This is a new photo of          Bob's second Twin was       Twin number three with a     Twin number four with a        1971 Division 2 Points          Second Twin
Bob's first Twin.                    Hi gear only.                          much longer wheel base     Three - Speed Lenco.             Race - Miami, Fl. Comp.
                                                                                           and a Two - Speed Lenco.                                                   Final. Bob was in Twin
                                                                                                                                                                                        Three, Chase K. in Two.                                               
Mike Sopko Photo
Terry Fritsch                                                1969                                                             Lyle G.
Frakes and Funk                                 1971
Bill R.
Dale Funk  History
The first ( called the Night Train ) and second of four Twins that Frakes and Funk raced.
Shirley                           1970                               Dennis F.
Wickline and Lawrence   1970
Dave H.
Walt Austin       Restored      
Pat A.
Section One: In-Line Twins 1966 to Date we have three or more photos of.
Section Two: Only have two pictures of these Twins - more pictures always welcome.
Glen Brown Photo
Frank Smith       1970              Jim H.
Section Three: Only have one picture of these twins.
Barry Price "Syndicate"
   Todd Stratton
   from the U.K.
Twin Engine Drag Car History
In-Line Twins
1966 to Date
1966 to Date
Back in the good ole days,
Bill Mullins sitting at the line with clouds of black smoke - Top Gas was referred to as   the "Blacky Carbon" guys.  Just like when dragsters smoked the tires all the way
down the track  -  gone.
                     Jim Busby                                                         Chet Herbert
Due to rule changes, Jim Busby bought  5 of these Ford Indy car   motors for $3500.00. Chet Herbert relied on the Arias BBC with some very trick     ( non-OHC ) cylinder heads.
Adams and Enriquez   Walt Austin                   Larry Van Unen      Terry Fritsch
From the exotic to the left, these In-Lines used Hemis, Big Block Chevys,
and an Army of Small Block Chevys. This is our biggest page with 72 Twins.
New Photos ......
Davis and VanDerHoek                  1969                                                   Dennis F.
REAL History ......
          Ray Ayers         1966                  Rod M.
Sullivan and Haight      1970                 John E.
Leo Dunn Memorial Facebook Page
      Leo Dunn
1967            Don P.
Mike Formachello    1968           Franko
Took 10+ years to get pictures of this Twin,
Thank You   Duane Dagostino
Frakes and Funk
Dave H.
Dueler II
Mike D.
Alan Blount
Alan C.
Pete G.
In-Line Twins
Dennis Friend     Joel F. Naprstek      Byron Stack
  Blair and Spellman 1971                   Jay C.
In-Line Twins
1966 to Date
Unidentified ......
Bill Mullins
          Leo Patane
1972                Gerry G.
Bill Mullins
Bill R.
Bill R.
Duane Lidtke
Bill R.
Adams and Enriquez
Bill R.
   Allen Hartley
  Were there two
"Double Visions" ?
To the right Joe Todd's unusual Twin, in the
far lane the Frakes and Funk Twin.
          Joe Todd
1968            Dennis F.
Shaw and Vasquez
1969          Dennis F.
Unusual Ford / Hemi combo.
NOT a true Twin Engine Drag Car
but these photos represent this
twin engine Salt Flats machine ( sans body ) making a few PR, Testing, and in search of Sponsorship runs.
First teamed with / driven by Larry Van Unen and later by Kenny Ellis.
This Tom West shot with full Kenny Ellis body.
                  Vioedman and Frisbey
      1968                          Contributor: Mel B.