Twins 1949 to 1965
Twins 1966 to Present
Not real sure about this one - but it was just too kool to pass up.
Our Military Twins - first Buick powered and later Big Block Chevy - they were used to start the SR 71 Blackbird.
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Twins 1949 to 1965
Twins 1966 to Present
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New Other Twins ......
               In order to avoid a big shuffle - these Twins will be added as thumbnails.
Long time TwoToGo contributor Pete Garramone found this creation at a recent Colorado car show.
Steve Cotuguno driven exhibition Twin.
Les Shockley exhibition jet Twin truck.
Paul Galvins Nostalgia Twin - two
409 Chevys - 1 injected - 1 blown.
Chad Bangerter Nostalgia Twin.
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Photos Of Some Other Twins
Street - Exhibition - Show - Military - Nostalgia
Mark Spooner Nostalgia Twin.
Randy Rexroad - built almost entirely
in his two car garage.
This is a Side by Side street rod
project seen on Ebay.
An interesting Twin Trike.
Pat Freels Nostalgia Twin - one SBC, one BBC.
Two more Twin Sreet T's found.
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Not going to get into a big Bonneville segment, but when it is Mickey Thompson -
first in 1952 with two Flatheads, then a year later with a Flathead and a Hemi.
Another Twin "Show" car found.
Gordon Tronson's latest project. 
We also have a Tripple!
Latest Photo .....
Bill Kearney's Nostalgia Twin.