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This twin was capable of racing in FOUR classes : as a dragster with one or two engines, then the crafty "Bean Bandits" would add a Model A sedan body and race in two more classes !!
The Bean Bandits  #2
      Bean Bandits  #3               Individual Club Members
The third twin ( also 1951 ) was built by individual club memebers and raced only as a dragster. This twin has been thought of as possibly the  FIRST slingshot sinse the driver sat behind the rearend.
Kenz and Leslie  #4
Bustle Bomb  #7
The "Bustle Bomb" was the first automotive engined dragster to go 150 MPH in the quarter mile. Raced at the 1955 World Series and the 1955 Nationals.
                Bob Rinald  #6
This photo was also found at the Don Garlits Museum. Guessing on the year by the rather crude frame
but also found a 1955 Chevy in the background.Sorry for the picture quality, a picture of a picture.
                 Mike Willis  #1
Finally after 5 years, this Twin was identified on  03/01/2013 by David
Castaneda because his father is in the picture. Will be making a First Twin page soon.
This famous team from Colorado was involved in drag racing for
many more years with a variety of dragsters and one of the early flip
top Mercury funny cars.
History of the "Headhunter" Twin
click HERE.
            Clarke Eikenbary  #5
Mr. Eikenbary was good enough to contact us so we could include his Twin in the First Ten. He also sent us some good photos of his roadster,
which ran two Flatheads on gas and
               Emmett Cull  #8
Contributed by fellow First Ten Twin
member Don Jensen, this Twin ran a 6 cyl. Chevy in front and a Flathead
in the rear. You can read more about
this Twin  HERE .
Don Jensen  #9
Thanks to Lou Klamm and Pete Garramone we have this photo.   This twin made a slow pass captured by Lou, the meet was rained out, the car never seen again.
Jazzy Nelson
Before the Fiat, Jazzy raced this
unusual twin using one rear end
housing and two quick change  center sections. See article on First Ten photo album.
Dennis Friend  #1 #6
Joel Naprstek  #2 #3 #9
Pete Garramone  #4
Clarke Eikenbary  #5
Ralph Crosby  #7
Don Jensen  #8             Denny Forsberg #10
Manuel Cohelo
This twin was not only 4-wheel drive, but switched between running Flatheads and Chryslers   for power. Have also learned it was the basis for  THIS  Mickey Thompson Twin.
Del Nero and Thorkelson
For returning visitors, there's good reason to believe this twin  ran before the Jack Moss twin. You will now find both Jack Moss twins on the  Side by Side  Twins page.
Stan Lomelino
We were told about this twin and   then told it never was: well now   we have a photo to prove it plus   the story of how it worked. Click   on the photo.
Thank You John Lawson.
Twin Engine Drag Car History
Honorable Mention
During this update, some of our original First Ten Twins had   to be replaced. Considering the role they played in the early history of Twins, we didn't want them to get lost in the shuffle of being put on other pages. So now we have this section for them. We will also be putting all the photos we have of the early Twins on this page.
Jazzy Nelson
Often remembered for his Fiat, this
very creative Twin followed. First
known to use two engines that were
Side by Side. The rebirth of this Twin
is almost complete. Click HERE for
the project page.

First Ten "Small Twins" More Here
Newest Photos ......
In Sept. 1959, Al Hubbard took the Emmitt Cull Twin and ran it with two SBC - 296 ci in front, 352 ci in the rear. Gary Felipe family photo.

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New Photo and Text added.
This plaque was created to pay tribute to
the "First Ten Twin Engined Drag Cars"
that we have discovered so far. We are
very fortunate to have these pictures of
all of them.
Engines used in the first ten were : Ford Flathead, Cadilac,Oldsmobile, Chrysler, De Soto, 6 cyl. Chevy, and the Small Block Chevrolet.
"HeadHunter" Twin history here.
Ken Newsdreck  #10
Denny Forsberg found this Twin in
the third ever issue of Drag News. Was powered by two Flatheads and also featured 4 wheel drive using Jeep components.
Drag News Twins
Denny Forsberg found us two more
Twins while viewing the Drag News
CDs, unfortunately there were no
      Fife and Davis Hudson Twin
      Don Karraker Flathead Twin
The Bustle Bomb as last raced.