Knapp - Westerdale
                 Dave Dangerfield
Year  1961                Contributor: Ron P.
Found these early construction pictures. Was to be motivated by two blown smallblock Chevies cross-mounted!
When we started TwoToGo we had one picture of the "Greeks" Twin, now we have 13 ! ( 3 more HERE ) To the left you will see Chris has the essintial parts to re-create this beast. The task has already begun.
Not only set Top Speed ( 171.10 mph ) at the 1960 US Nationals, won Best Engineered Car. Set Top Speed on gasoline ( 175.78 mph ) again at the 61 Nationals.
The Twin that literally tore chunks out of the starting line at the Nationals.
A long time advocate of in-line twins, Lefty Mudersbach not only went side-by-side with this one, he added a second rear end.
What can you say about Mickey Thompson ! There just aren't many things he
didn't try.
Of the 239 twins we have so far, 19 used the side-by-side method for locating the
Jack Chrisman drove the "TWIN BEAR" to the 1961 NHRA World Championship.
1950's to 1965
1966 to Date  I 
          The Dragmaster "TWO THING"               Year   1959                  Contributor: Joel N.  
Year  1960                   Contributor: Rick P.
Year  1960    Contributors:  Lee S.  Tom I.
                                           Dr. Marvin S.
                    Dye - Hampton
Year  1961               Contributor: Rick P.
                   Mickey Thompson
Year  1960                    Contributor: Joel N.
                     Lefty Mudersbach
Year  ?                        Contributor: Fred V.
         Howard Cams "TWIN BEAR"
Year  1959                  Contributor: Joel N.
                        Eddie Hill
Year  1960                  Contributor: Joel N.
                 The "Greek's" Twin
Year  1962                Contributor: Dennis F.
                           Lee's Speed Shop
Year  1962                     Contributors: Dave W.  Fred V.
                       Jon Pulver
Year 1971                     Contributor: Jim H.
               Jack Moss  " 2 Much "
Year  1959                Contributor: Joel N.   Doug Peterson Photo  1961 Winter Nats.
Ken Scott
Tributes:  Tommy Ivo  I  The "Golden" Greek
This was a side by side - rear engined creation
from Scotty Fenn. Power was to be two SBC, don't think it was ever completed.
The first twin using the side by side engine configuration was Jazzy Nelson. The last we know of is the Jon Pulver twin. 
          The Dragmaster "TWO THING"              
Year   2005                  Contributor: Drew H.  
               Jack Moss  "2 Much "
Year 1957                  Contributor: Joel N.
They almost look real, Barry Price Magic  !!!!
                    TwoToGo: Small Twins
The Dye - Hampton Twin later was the basis for the American Bandstand twin engine funny car.
Here is a little sample of what you will find when you visit our Tommy Ivo Tribute
                        Tommy Ivo
Year  1959                Contributor: Ralph C.
page, 20 more phptos there.
Update: Most of the bigger pictures
are thumbnails now.
Green Valley, Texas     The last run the Twin Bear made. Earlier rains caused the wet chutes not to open.
Dave Huber sent us this one, unfortunately the        only pictures are after an accident at Indy.
This was our Mystery Twin, it is now identified, click on the photo to find out.
The Golden "Greeks"Twin on one of its   early outings at Union Grove.
                 Glen Brown Photos
                     Jim Davis
Year  1961               Contributor: Lee S.
                                  Billy Cousins
Year  1960                              Contributor:  Dave H.
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         Howard Cams "TWIN BEAR"
Year  2010                  Contributor:   Don E.
More photos HERE.
Another Legend Lost ......
Jim Nelson passed away May 9th 2012, he is seen here sitting to the left of his partner of over 50 yrs. Dode Martin. They were the men behind the Dragmaster Chassis Company and the builders of the legendary Dragmaster " TWO THING," not once, but twice.
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Side by Side Engine Twins
Side by Side Engine Twins
The Howard Cams "TWIN BEAR" at the Hot Rod Magazine 65th Anniversary Show.
Photos courtesy of former Freight Train engineer Sam Davis.
New Side by Side Twins....
Jack's Auto Parts
Mike McCarthy Photo
Knapp - Westerdale Second Twin
Burnett, Malland,
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Fred Gregory photo.