Twin Engine Drag Car History
Jazzy Nelson
Jazzy Nelson
Twin Restoration
Chuck Sarno is restoring this Twin and was good enough to send us these photos and captions.
Back view showing the twin quick changes. 
Jazzy sold this original flathead he ran from 1957 to 1959, to Dan Holland of Woodland Hills, California. It sat under his workbench for almost 50yrs. I purchased it from Dan and am restoring it. It is being put back into the "Outlaw" once again after more than 50 years.
This is the late Jim "Jazzy" Nelson, three years prior to his passing, signing original parts from the "Outlaw". These parts were shipped to Visalia, California from the eastcoast. Jim hadn't seen these parts, built by himself, in over 50 years.
This is the front view with the two flatheads sitting in the car.
Colored photos of these old Twins are rare, the photo above is really rare. Chuck informed us that for a short period of time, Jazzy  ran two 312 Mercury OHV engines in the "Outlaw".
Installing the original engine built by Jazzy Nelson over 50 years ago back in "The Outlaw".
I am on the left and David Hickey is on the right. He gave me
a great amount of help - couldn't have done the aluminum 
without him!
That's me looking at a job well done - hoping to make Jazzy proud.
Putting the nose section together - getting ready for paint.
Back view of The Outlaw. Note the car club plaque "Screwdrivers
of Culver City". Jazzy was a member back in the late 40's.
Just need to finish the body work and The Outlaw will be
done accept for getting the engines running.
2011 CHRR
Picture taken at Sequoia Field, north of Visalia. Sequoia was a training field for pilots during WW II. The Outlaw raced at several installations like this one.
Paul Hutchins Photo
Paul Hutchins Photo
Paul Hutchins Photo