Vance Hunt Twin ??
The neatest one ever built was Vance Hunts,,,,,,Few people ever saw it,,,,,,Back when the AA/Gas ( Twin engine Cars ) got to run the A/F ( Single engine cars ) for the top eliminator money,,,,,, the doubles usually hadn't made but 1 or 2 runs, and the single Fuelers were breathing their last breath,,,,,,SO,, with the big AHRA event coming to the Valley,,,,,,Vance puts a Mac. Go cart motor in front of his blown Chrys.,,Hooks it to the blower pulley with a small Gilmmer belt, Takes it out a day early, gets it teched into AA/FD,,Goes home, shows up Sat. morn,,,,Car is Legal Twin ,,,,Little motor has it's own fuel shutoff,,,kill switch,,flywheel shield,,,,,,But the shit hits the fan,,Or rather Vance,,,,,,Tice tells him he can't run in AA,,,,,,Vance argues, But, Tice agrees , it's sort of legal,,,,,,But if he runs it the car will RED LIGHT,,,,,,,,,,IT did get the rule changed, so the twins had to make the same number runs as the singles,,,,,,Vance always was a trouble maker,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Best to Tech Tim,,,,,Dean and Dad,,,,,,,,,,,,,Olin

A little history as only Olin Davis could tell it, TwoToGo Thanks You.
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A footnote to our TwoToGo Twins Text History from the man himself, Vance Hunt:

It was a a fuel burning Mac engine that made power so it was a help. That was at the 1962 AHRA Labor Day race at Green Vally held during the time NHRA had their ban on fuel racing and it was a 32 car field of single engine cars with three duel engine cars for the AA fuel class. Single engine cars made five runs while Duel engine cars made two runs to win class. The four Quickest Class winners ran for Top Elim.

Vance Hunts car, with J.L. Payne at the controls, won Top Eliminator at this race after beating the GBP car for the class win. The next year the rule book on each page said that if it does not say you can do it, then you can not do it.

TwoToGo would also like to Thank Vance Hunt for his contribution.
Vance Hunt Twin ??
Vance Hunt Twin ??