As purchased Dec. 05
Two Hemis  back in place.
New and freshened body panels.
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Original live axle Dana 60 rear end built in 1970 by George Wepplo.
Clutch can, steering, and original throttle petal. The
brake and clutch petal still
have to be reproduced.
New nose and belly pan
mounted and fit to the original (rechromed) axle and suspension.
The two pieces of 3003
aluminum that make up the new nose piece.
Display was simple using a mix of new and old posters, photos, andother display
1 pair of M/T valve covers,
1 Cirello mag, 1 magnesium
Bowers blower, and 7 of the
Coors cans are from 32 yrs.
One of the original crew
donated a show poster and the yellow shirt from the old days.
The rear engine still needs
a low profile injecter, but the scoops are facing the right way, a GSTA trade
50th GSTA Car Show
Restoration Complete
Don Groff was good enough to let us know he is restoring the GSTA Twin. Don bought the car in December of 2005. The car was last ran as a bracket car with a BBC.  The Gopher State Timing Association is a local group of car clubs that run a club dragster ( eight total since 1957 but only one twin 1970 -1973 ) and hold an annual car show for fund raising. This year is the 50th show and Don has been thrashing to get the car reresurrected and presentable for this years show. There will be no paint, linkages, or hoses, but he wants to have the overall effect nicely done enough to raise interest and try to locate missing parts and info. If anyone visiting our site can help, let us know and we will get in touch with Don. Dons goal is to restore the twin to the way it looked in 1970 when it was awarded the trophy for Best Appearing car at the Indy U.S. Nationals. A great addition to the other restored twins: Freight Train, Tommy Ivo, Rico Paris, Motes-Williams, Walt Austin, Jon Pulver. Re-Created: Dragmaster Two Thing
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